Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources for Educators

Sample Lesson Plan Curated by the New York Times:
“The Power to Change the World: A Teaching Unit on Student Activism in History and Today” offers three modules with extensive external resource links.
Nonprofit organization covers topic areas that provide free multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming video to teaching strategies, lesson plans and more.

University of Houston Diversity Curriculum (College Level)
Guide to group activities, games, and “ice-breakers” designed to explore issues of diversity, inclusion, privilege and identity.

Recommended Web Sources for Students
Launched in 1990 under MTV, this nonprofit/nonpartisan focuses on voter registration and information applicable to all 50 states.

The Activism Project
Provides examples of student-led initiatives on a variety of social issues.

Never Again MSD
Browse the Facebook history of the 2018 “March for Our Lives” organized by an American student-led political action committee for gun control. This group was formed by twenty high school students in the aftermath of the shooting on February 14, 2018, when seventeen people were killed by a former student.