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Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and the protest era of the early 1970s, a gripping novel of a power, corruption, injustice, courage, and hope—and one tenacious young man whose determination to overturn the system holds unexpected consequences for his own life.

Tommy Logan is a small-time pot dealer when his new girlfriend Sandy introduces him to Harry Burr, an ex-con who promises to show him how to make big money. Tommy makes a rash decision that will alter his life and haunt him during his final million-dollar deal with Harry in Bogota, Colombia. Things don’t go as planned and Tommy is left to find his own way out – of Colombia and his criminal past. But it might cost him Sandy or even his life.


Wild World received the Independent Press Award for New Fiction (Debut), the National Indie Excellence Award for New Adult Fiction and two Beverly Hills Book Awards in the categories of Social/Political Change and Regional Fiction Northeast!

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Wild World opens with the Kent State University massacre that took place on May 4, 1970. Here’s a short clip from CBS news of what happened that day to give you an idea of what the nation was watching and reacting to.