Young Americans

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Love and crime in Florida and Colombia

Young and invincible – taking chances, making money, having fun

Peter S. Rush brought the 70’s to vivid life in his stunning and award winning debut novel WILD WORLD (Prior Manor Press) based on his experiences as a student and as a police officer in Providence, Rhode Island. In YOUNG AMERICANS, Rush explores the freewheeling 70’s in Florida where riches were only another score away. With a growing market for disco and drugs, Tommy Logan isn’t one to pass up an opportunity. Before the cartels, anyone could be an entrepreneur.

Tommy Logan is a small-time pot dealer when his new girlfriend Sandy introduces him to Harry Burr, an ex-con who promises to show him how to make big money. Tommy, eager for the opportunity, figures he can stay one-step ahead of Harry, but can he? Confronted by a painful childhood memory, Tommy makes a rash decision that will alter his life and haunt him during his final million-dollar deal with Harry in Bogota, Colombia. Things don’t go as planned and Tommy is left to find his own way out – of Colombia and his criminal past. But it might cost him Sandy or even his life.


“Rush is a storyteller with graphic descriptions that stay with the reader.”
– Peace Corps Journal

Young Americans is a hard-boiled crime novel set in the 1970s. It is a visceral novel about treachery filled with colorful period details.”
– Forward Review

Young Americans is a pulpy deep dive into a world of crime, vice and hard charging action delivered at a rapid pace that is enjoyable.”
– Blue Ink Review

“A dark but energetic and satisfying gangster drama.”
– Kirkus Review